P3 Information Technologies is a privately held software company based in Israel.

Founded in 2005 by a group of talented and skilled IT professionals, P3 is committed to providing excellence in IT consulting and solutions.

We are the vendor of choice for the SMB business and enterprises all over the world, offering a comprehensive set of services that support rapid time to market, high productivity, performance and availability.

P3 Information Technologies incorporates a professional team which draws on extensive experience from the hi-tech industry. We bring together advanced technological capabilities, cost effective solutions and outstanding support.

Our rich experience in a wide range of IT areas and proven record of successful projects makes our services a natural offering to our clients.

One of our major capabilities is providing skilled Isralei IT experts outside of Israel. In this capacity our experts have participated in several large-scale projects in the field of ERP (SAP), Billing (Amdocs), Software Integration (IBM Websphere, MS Biztalk) and others.

Since 2007 P3 is acting as Outsourcing Division of UNIT Group, leading Israeli IT services provider. Among our clients are Amdocs, Keter Plastic, Mizrachi Bank, First International Bank, ZIM, Leumi Card, IBM, Petach Tikva Municipality, TNT, National Instruments, Exlibris, Bezeq International, Yael Software, Matrix, HIT Group, Harel Insurance, Emunah, EDS, Elgadcom, Medtechnica, Tel Aviv Academic Colledge, Ramat Gan Academic Colledge and others.

P3 primary future objective is to expand its activities to the global market.